Note-ables by Lynn: The Journey HSS
jarr1520: Wild Pacific Shores
Chrystal Ferreira: in the meantime...
Jane Brown~: scooting
Dark Enough: baie de Magenta
Tessfra: Blond summer
claudiadea131: the sunset of the trees
p_odel: Vidoy
Amparo Higón: Hotel Voramar
Nick Kenrick.: Paris series
judy dean: A frog he would a wooing go....
sarkacuperova: My art woman
l'imagerie poétique: « Sometimes when you lose your way, you find yourself. »
Matt Oliver.: Haunted
Charles Connor: Peregrine Falcon with prey
Rich Levine: Behind The Curtain
njk1951: A Night to Remember
dragonflydreams88: Anna's hummingbird (Calypte anna) . . .
Maura Astesano: Basking in the sun
Dark Enough: Pont d'Arcole
judy dean: Little fishies!
williamwalton001: Old Boat House(Norway)
p_odel: The central square in Elsinore
Jane Brown~: Elsie from Monday
Dyrk.Wyst: november moor
Tessfra: Beachlife