Ingrid0804: Magic atmosphere after sunset
Ingrid0804: A rough day by the sea
Ingrid0804: A lovely summer day
Ingrid0804: Midsummer celebration of Saint Hans
Ingrid0804: Fishing boats on the beach in sunset light
Ingrid0804: Beautiful peonies
Ingrid0804: Sunset at the North Sea
Ingrid0804: Infinity
Ingrid0804: Meet Ofelia. A neighbour's puppy (A Finnish Lapphund)
Ingrid0804: Early morning walk - the best time of the day
Ingrid0804: Sunset mood by the sea on a cool evening
Ingrid0804: That time of the year again
Ingrid0804: Danish summerlandscape
Ingrid0804: Inviting - let's go for a walk
Ingrid0804: Sweet friendly curious cows
Ingrid0804: A sea of yellow
Ingrid0804: Fog dream
Ingrid0804: Poppy
Ingrid0804: Full moon
Ingrid0804: Forest magic
Ingrid0804: Birdsong in the forest after sunset
Ingrid0804: Into the forest
Ingrid0804: Cyclist in the green May forest
Ingrid0804: A very sweet and friendly cat
Ingrid0804: A very early April morning
Ingrid0804: A winding path
Ingrid0804: Blooming gorse at the fjord on a beautiful clear April day
Ingrid0804: Hyacinth and sunset
Ingrid0804: The sky is on fire
Ingrid0804: A white carpet of anemones in the beech forest