fantommst: Pelicans in Flight
Mi che le: sole del mattino
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Yellow Ladies Slipper. Oak Openings region, Oak Openings.
dombinadi: life on the mekong river
cnmark: Shanghai - Fully Loaded
joelgambrelle: White-Tailed Deer, Camp Taureau, Québec, Canada. February 2023
jp7photography: JP - This road to the river
Angelo Petrozza: portrait
bekop (Peter): elegant
Todd Aki: wall of sharks
Butterflies in Still Air: Nacaduba kurava therasia (Transparent Six-line Blue) (B00525, TW00023 B)
Christoph Fischer: Highly Effective Tips for Photographing Mountains!
yan08865: Valley of Thor
cbelato (very busy by now): - Hostage of the wind* -
Linda Yuson: Rice plantation in Japan.
johnshlau: Leading To The Sun
Wizard CG: colours speak all languages
domova7: Garden party
der-aus-jena: Tupfer
Geoff's visions: Tussock country
Geoff's visions: Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.
jhtguksnaps: Shapes, Light and shadows - HSS - On Explore 4/6/23
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