spearmint62: Safe under the umbrella
spearmint62: Rainbow 19 8 2019
spearmint62: Cardiff Bay harbour
spearmint62: Worms head
spearmint62: Porthcawl
spearmint62: Mynydd llltud Brecon Beacons
spearmint62: Bike shed
spearmint62: A view of the Welsh Countryside
spearmint62: The view
spearmint62: Southerndown sunset this week
spearmint62: Southerndown Storm clouds
spearmint62: Southerndown after sun down
spearmint62: Southerndown last night
spearmint62: Speckled wood
spearmint62: PEACOCKS
spearmint62: Hover fly 33
spearmint62: Southerndown Sunset 7 8 2019
spearmint62: Southerndown sunset 2 7 8 2019
spearmint62: Southerndown 7 8 2019
spearmint62: Painted Lady
spearmint62: Sunflowers and poppys
spearmint62: Morons
spearmint62: Sunflower
spearmint62: Small skipper
spearmint62: Peacock on Orpine
spearmint62: Hornet on a Welted thistle
spearmint62: Hornet on a thistle 2
spearmint62: Common male darter
spearmint62: Kenfig
spearmint62: Standing stones Nash Point