brentcutts: between the stones
brentcutts: meeting place
brentcutts: green
brentcutts: among the trees
brentcutts: talking
brentcutts: having a splash
brentcutts: clinging on
brentcutts: at the foot of the hill
brentcutts: the round path
brentcutts: shining
brentcutts: into the water
brentcutts: the view back
brentcutts: tumbling
brentcutts: coming down
brentcutts: reach for the sky
brentcutts: having a swim
brentcutts: a visit by the air force
brentcutts: marital dispute?
brentcutts: Rosthwaite
brentcutts: more rugged greenness
brentcutts: protected
brentcutts: contented?
brentcutts: hamlet
brentcutts: going for a ride
brentcutts: green
brentcutts: through the trees
brentcutts: a buzzard?
brentcutts: heading home