brentcutts: friendly?
brentcutts: standing upright
brentcutts: surrounded?
brentcutts: off for a walk
brentcutts: the clock
brentcutts: three vases
brentcutts: splashing
brentcutts: also walking the dog
brentcutts: a good place to take the dog
brentcutts: white water and green fields
brentcutts: space
brentcutts: flowing
brentcutts: watching its owner?
brentcutts: eye on the ball
brentcutts: dog in action
brentcutts: alert
brentcutts: frown?
brentcutts: going for a walk
brentcutts: the beach
brentcutts: hanging
brentcutts: through the gate
brentcutts: gazing
brentcutts: in a quiet corner
brentcutts: a thousand years old
brentcutts: the Old Swan
brentcutts: and another
brentcutts: statue
brentcutts: in better condition