evisdotter: Snowing today
/Pat/: Bastioni Marco Polo
evisdotter: Snowing, but no wind . A nice winter's day
C&C 1606: Stairway to Heaven...
Anna_Soffia: Sunrise at Kleyfarvatn_IMG_7154
Anna_Soffia: Sunrise at Kleyfarvatn_IMG_7168
stevenoldak1: Trade Center, Thank you dear friends
stevenoldak1: Trade Center
Grumpy Yack: Faenza - Emilia Romagna - Italy
BOILLON CHRISTOPHE: Lumières d'un soir d'hiver sur les Aiguilles de Chamonix
Never Exceed Speed: Verdant Summer
janrs71: Winter tree
Poul Helt: 25.januar
Mrs.WQ: Taking it to the City Streets-Chicago
qaxwkhlm1: Sunrise near my home
evisdotter: Vinterbad
Rafael Zenon Wagner: Marienburg Bibliothek
gormjarl: Brekkestø, Lillesand, Norway
gormjarl: winter in Grimstad, Norway
DameBoudicca: Rome in the late afternoon sun
mark.paradox: Enchanting moment of twilight
Esa Suomaa: Time stand still.....☃️
stevenoldak1: Your never too old to ride a bike
Ping...: Drip with Sunset
Ostseetroll - Stay healthy: An angler in winter on the cold Baltic Sea
lgf55555(基福): 遮住竊笑的嘴臉
ann.tunegard: Januariljuset. The light in janaury.