gudrun.dalgeir: A summer memory
gudrun.dalgeir: November
gudrun.dalgeir: November path
gudrun.dalgeir: Soon gone with the wind
gudrun.dalgeir: The blue wave (explored)
gudrun.dalgeir: Autumn light
gudrun.dalgeir: Autumn symphony
gudrun.dalgeir: Golden October
gudrun.dalgeir: Windless (explored)
gudrun.dalgeir: Sunday walk
gudrun.dalgeir: Summer evening view
gudrun.dalgeir: Summer at Grytøya (explored)
gudrun.dalgeir: Summer in the north
gudrun.dalgeir: Autumn is here - so is the virus, stay safe
gudrun.dalgeir: September 2020
gudrun.dalgeir: Boat houses
gudrun.dalgeir: View from my father's childhood home (explored)
gudrun.dalgeir: Vesterålen
gudrun.dalgeir: The bridge and the cloud
gudrun.dalgeir: September in Copenhagen
gudrun.dalgeir: Summer evening
gudrun.dalgeir: Reine, Lofoten - Norway (explored)
gudrun.dalgeir: While waiting for the ferry
gudrun.dalgeir: Dried cod - bon appétit
gudrun.dalgeir: View from route 17, Nordland
gudrun.dalgeir: Blue coast
gudrun.dalgeir: Helgelandskysten (explored)
gudrun.dalgeir: Wish you all a happy summer and stay healthy wherever you go 😎☀️
gudrun.dalgeir: Hamlet's home (explored)