Per-Karlsson: A rugged place
Per-Karlsson: Dennis 16 Feb 2020
Per-Karlsson: In winter layby
Per-Karlsson: Skärhamn, a place by the sea.
Per-Karlsson: Beach huts
Per-Karlsson: Wish you all a happy new year!
Per-Karlsson: Juan Sebastian Elcano
Per-Karlsson: Portugese fisherman
Per-Karlsson: Worn by the forces of nature
Per-Karlsson: Enjoying the tranquility
Per-Karlsson: Jetty blues
Per-Karlsson: Over the sea
Per-Karlsson: Just by the sea
Per-Karlsson: Sunday mood
Per-Karlsson: Laid-up for winter
Per-Karlsson: Roaring seas
Per-Karlsson: November night
Per-Karlsson: That was a great morning!
Per-Karlsson: A wooden classic
Per-Karlsson: Moored at Dannemark
Per-Karlsson: Sailing
Per-Karlsson: Blue night
Per-Karlsson: Scandinavian summer night
Per-Karlsson: Saiing is living!
Per-Karlsson: Peacefully anchored
Per-Karlsson: Archipelago adventures
Per-Karlsson: Bohus night. On the island of Dannemark, Bohuslän, Swedish west coast.
Per-Karlsson: Sweet Swedish summer nights
Per-Karlsson: Danmark in Denmark
Per-Karlsson: A ship full of...