Per-Karlsson: Danmark in Denmark
Per-Karlsson: A ship full of...
Per-Karlsson: Racing to the finish line
Per-Karlsson: Sailing delight
Per-Karlsson: Last Friday in Sweden
Per-Karlsson: Moored In the swedish archipelago
Per-Karlsson: Sailing
Per-Karlsson: A taste of Swedish summer
Per-Karlsson: Rocky coast
Per-Karlsson: Nothing has changed
Per-Karlsson: Bohus blues
Per-Karlsson: Granite by the sea
Per-Karlsson: Spring is in the air
Per-Karlsson: Jump right in it
Per-Karlsson: Blue, blue, rocks and some more blue
Per-Karlsson: Winter island
Per-Karlsson: The days are finally getting longer
Per-Karlsson: Night in Marstrand.
Per-Karlsson: Skallens fyr
Per-Karlsson: Monday blues
Per-Karlsson: Shipyard night
Per-Karlsson: After the rain
Per-Karlsson: Instöbron
Per-Karlsson: Two out of three
Per-Karlsson: Wooden
Per-Karlsson: Pater Noster
Per-Karlsson: Summer, now in our memories.
Per-Karlsson: On the bow
Per-Karlsson: Autumn morning
Per-Karlsson: All by herself