Kitty Kono: Leopard in the Tree
Kitty Kono: Brand New Baby Giraffee
Kitty Kono: Mom Nuzzling Baby
Kevin E. Fox: Merlin
patricia.hoedts: Cabusso emplomallat - Somormujo lavanco - Great crested grebe - Grèbe huppé - Podiceps cristatus
rumerbob: Short-eared Owl.
stanlupo (Thanks for 6,000,000 views): Ruby-crowned Kinglet at Dixon Meadow 10_19_23
stanlupo (Thanks for 6,000,000 views): Palm Warbler on Rail 10_19_24
stanlupo (Thanks for 6,000,000 views): Juvenile Eagle 1 2_5_24
billbigfish: A beauty in the sun!
billbigfish: A perfect 10!
billbigfish: Minding their own business!
billbigfish: In coming!
billbigfish: My time of year!
stanlupo (Thanks for 6,000,000 views): Northern Mockingbird 2_9_24
Kitty Kono: Sunbird
Kitty Kono: Golden Crowned Crane with Two Guardian Angels
Kevin James54: Hooded Merganser
Kevin James54: Tricolored Heron
Kevin James54: Black and White Warbler
Kevin James54: Ring-billed Gull