Stuart R. Saffen: Dana Point jetty
rod1691: O'Side Harbor Village 11-8-17-21-80D-8X15
Maria Godfrida: Different...
Jose Matutina: 2021 US Open of Surfing
Maria Godfrida: Growing safely...
Jose Matutina: 2021 US Open Of Surfing
Saving Shepherd: Today's Truth “Tomorrow’s world will be shaped by what we teach our children today.” ~ Amish Proverb ❤️
rod1691: O'Side Buccaneer Beach 17-3-15-21-5Dii-24
Mike Finkelstein: Mr. Toad's wild ride
Steve Corey: Horch (Audi)
dklaughman: Osprey inspecting catch..IM8A3054CR3A
rrrrrrteee: IMG_0145
rrrrrrteee: IMG_1138
rrrrrrteee: IMG_1030
Per Arne Hovland: Bearded buddy, Morten.
sylvainblanchoud: Et vogue la galère
Werner Demming: Spur im Sand
vincocamm: September Mist New Perspective
dani.ramirez: Agró blau al capvespre
E_W_Photo: Priest's Cove Sunset - Cape Cornwall
i_Coon: Featherweight
Theen ...: Wooden Bench ~ Explore #37 Saturday 11/09/2021
Damaz Real Fantasy: The Carousel never stop turning
Lloyd Austin: Purple Haze (Explored)
CAJC: in the PNW: Fence with mailbox
Saving Shepherd: Today's Truth ... “Help those whom God has placed in our path.” ~ Amish Proverb ❤️
tquist24: Manistee River Hike (5)