Salt Wizard: Bonneville Salt Flats
Hana's Clicks: Red Cushion :-)
Flickr: Celebrating Black Photographers on Flickr
Ted Holm Photography: Ketchikan, Alaska
Mastering_light: Smoke on the water
tlswan2: Skull Rock
Saving Shepherd: “Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?” r.browning
Igor Danilov Philadelphia.: Harmless Grinch :)
downstreamer: Even on a Dull Day
Ted Holm Photography: Folsom Lake, Sacramento, CA
Through Bri`s Lens: Arundel castle
A Great Capture: Heath Street East - Stairs to David Balfour Park Trail
WilliamND4: Frozen in Time.
psmithusa: American White Pelican in for a Landing
FotoGrazio: Delicate Anna
Atascaderosammcmillan: Prey Fighting Back
Michael Smith PhotoArt: City Garden Reflections
dklaughman: Grey Seal and friends....IM8A1992AT
Hana's Clicks: purple tulip
dklaughman: Great and Double-crested Cormorants monitoring boat traffic ....IM8A1940AT
Steve Holsonback: Civil War Reenactors
ShutterJack: The Gate
E. Hanson: IMG_1449
Ted Holm Photography: The joy of flying....
AndyW Harz: My way
Through Bri`s Lens: Multiple waves .