angelinas: trees and clouds
angelinas: remnants of last Fall...
angelinas: trees...
angelinas: peaceful evening
angelinas: puddle reflections
angelinas: big clouds
angelinas: sunset silhouettes
angelinas: riverside rocks
angelinas: Friday night sky
angelinas: first real sign of Spring in my yard!
angelinas: Parish House of St. Joseph Church
angelinas: Steeple of Eglise St. Joseph against a deep blue sky
angelinas: naked trees...
angelinas: a little slice of tranquility
angelinas: white light....
angelinas: more geese
angelinas: riverside geese
angelinas: evening colors...
angelinas: colorful sunset sky
angelinas: fleeing geese
angelinas: fiery clouds
angelinas: tonight's sunset sky
angelinas: prisma park scene
angelinas: between winter and spring
angelinas: last night's sunset
angelinas: sunlit clouds
angelinas: bright clouds
angelinas: puddle reflections
angelinas: Happy St. Patrick's Day
angelinas: Afternoon scenery..