angelinas: moody riverside trees
angelinas: Sunlight reflections
angelinas: Street in Quebec City
angelinas: bright afternoon
angelinas: Riverscape...
angelinas: nice tree
angelinas: Autumn colors
angelinas: pine cone macro
angelinas: big sunlit tree
angelinas: Riverside bird watching
angelinas: Fall has officially started, I took this yesterday.
angelinas: pretty trees
angelinas: quiet afternoon
angelinas: nature's colors tonight
angelinas: rainbow of color during this evening's sunset
angelinas: yellowing trees
angelinas: riverside scenery
angelinas: subtle sunset....
angelinas: prisma flowers
angelinas: late summer afternoon
angelinas: in deep thought......
angelinas: Joliette cathedral church doors
angelinas: another nice door
angelinas: nice door
angelinas: bright white afternoon sunlight
angelinas: riverside nature sculpture
angelinas: Prisma trees
angelinas: shades of green.....
angelinas: sunlight in a tree
angelinas: monument in Boston Public Garden