angelinas: 2020-01-21_10-11-35
angelinas: pretty prisma tree by the river
angelinas: Winter...
angelinas: Freshly fallen snow today
angelinas: my favorite tree...
angelinas: bucatini all 'amatriciana
angelinas: just a selfie to say hello
angelinas: cloudy Winter day
angelinas: sunset reflections
angelinas: sunset in the trees
angelinas: cloudy sunset
angelinas: moody trees
angelinas: Boston Naval Yard reflections
angelinas: dreamy winter sky...
angelinas: pink Winter clouds
angelinas: Winter....
angelinas: Half frozen river
angelinas: St. Joseph's church....
angelinas: snow covered river
angelinas: Downtown Boston Christmas lights
angelinas: riverside scene
angelinas: Sunlight reflecting on the street on a typical January day
angelinas: morning sunshine on Revere Beach
angelinas: more shells
angelinas: shells...
angelinas: lots of snow
angelinas: Happy New Year!
angelinas: peaceful scene in the mountains of Vermont yesterday
angelinas: Boston sunset
angelinas: sun setting aboard the USS Constitution ship