Catherine Gidzinska and Simon Gidzinski: Jonteve tribe, Henganofi Village, PNG
Catherine Gidzinska and Simon Gidzinski: Wotose, Goroka, Papua New Guinea, Sep 2019 (explored)
Eddy L.: Tg Nbg bin ganz Ohr ;-) 191230
Peter Rea XIII: One Point GBST
kennethcanada1: Sunflower Friday.
FadeToBlackLP: Perfect Day
JH_1982: Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE
JH_1982: Young monks at Hsinbyume Paya, Mingun, Myanmar
JH_1982: Light Rays, Westminster Cathedral, London, UK
heinzkren: shadowman
vicsdiscovery: Silent night...
heinzkren: room with a view
Edd Allen: 'The Therapist' - Newhaven Harbour / December 14th
Peter Rea XIII: Foundations
reikoe: China Airport
reikoe: Manila from top
Daniel Hemingsen: Drake Mallard in flight
koen_jacobs: Early morning
J.R. Moran: A night in the White Mountains
singulartalent: London’s finest
Blende1.8: BUBBLES
Ed Thorn: Barn Owls, Howlands Marsh.
FadeToBlackLP: The Revolution.
pdxsafariguy: Monkey Mockery
hermez: A different take
vicsdiscovery: Found you