pigeonfeed1: Spotlight over the moors above Stanage Edge.
pigeonfeed1: Tate Modern, Liverpool.
pigeonfeed1: Edinburgh roof tops....
pigeonfeed1: Clown, Inca Market Day, Mallorca
pigeonfeed1: Barbican. City of London
pigeonfeed1: Bottle chandelier. Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
pigeonfeed1: Urban Californian Poppies. Sheffield city centre
pigeonfeed1: Vulcan; god of fire. Sheffield Town Hall
pigeonfeed1: Ella. Candid
pigeonfeed1: Cheese grater Q-Park. Sheffield edit
pigeonfeed1: Grey Heron, Barbican, London city district
pigeonfeed1: Millennium Bridge towards Tate Modern, London.
pigeonfeed1: Alcúdia Bay, Mallorca.
pigeonfeed1: Outside Catedral-Basílica de Santa María de Mallorca.
pigeonfeed1: Waiting. Candid. St Pancras Station.
pigeonfeed1: 1 London Wall Place
pigeonfeed1: The Barbican, London
pigeonfeed1: The new HSBC building, Sheffield. Edit.
pigeonfeed1: Little Red Riding Hood. And the big bad wolf
pigeonfeed1: Alcúdia. Hotel corridor
pigeonfeed1: Polar bear hug. YWP Polar Project
pigeonfeed1: Amur leopard. YWP
pigeonfeed1: Man looking at exhibit. David Smith exhibition. Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
pigeonfeed1: Girl on a swing. Sheffield, Barker’s Pool
pigeonfeed1: Stonehenge
pigeonfeed1: Hoverfly on hosta.
pigeonfeed1: Hosta macro. After the rain 2.
pigeonfeed1: Hosta macro
pigeonfeed1: Hosta macro. After the rain.