Hurry Up Miss Jane: Rubber ducky, you're the one
Petitedoll: Sisters
Petitedoll: If you close your eyes it will be like you're flying
Dyatel Woody: Mentos Roy♥
Dyatel Woody: My new girl♥
Heidi @ Blythe Fifth Avenue: The SWEETER Things in Life ...
Petitedoll: On weekends we use rollerskates
♔ Georgie R: "Sonnet 29" by William Shakespeare
Petitedoll: Laundry day
Petitedoll: What a mess!
Petitedoll: Fairytale
Hitomi~♥: Blair
The Ashraful Arefin: Cup of Spring
_babycatface_: I have two secrets to confess, I'm a crazy doll lady, and a crazy plan lady
TutuBella: We're all in this together...
PruchanunR.: Holala Doll
Raven Girl Blythe: Leni 1/365
.Iuliania.: Nikoia
Petitedoll: Do you like potatoes?
Laura.Diaz©: bajaIMG_7702
Sylvanako: Sylvanian Families - Marry Poppins
pure_embers: Portrait of a water girl 🔥
pure_embers: Chewy 🍂
TutuBella: Wanna come out and play??
Petitedoll: Please! Let me go to school! I’m late!
linda_lou2: O is for Octopus