55randomclicks: When you patiently wait for your dog to wake up from his nap so you can play, but it seems he has decided to take the longest nap in history.
55randomclicks: Those little things
55randomclicks: One reason to smile today is dogs. If I need to explain,well, you don't like smiling.
55randomclicks: Above it all
55randomclicks: Beauty Secret
55randomclicks: The Early Morning
55randomclicks: The thoughts we think
55randomclicks: I don't always paint, but when I do I hate it.
55randomclicks: Here we go
55randomclicks: Here we go....
55randomclicks: 3. Sharing
55randomclicks: 2. Sharing
55randomclicks: 1. Sharing
55randomclicks: Make a wish.
55randomclicks: Bagel is my name
55randomclicks: Don't want to go
55randomclicks: Good Morning
55randomclicks: One reason I do not get much done in a day.
55randomclicks: 1. I know a trick.
55randomclicks: 2. I know a trick.
55randomclicks: 3. I know a trick.
55randomclicks: 4. I know a trick.
55randomclicks: Grow up?
55randomclicks: A little punk rock
55randomclicks: Pool Time
55randomclicks: I am fast like me
55randomclicks: Lend me your ear!