JanD2012: Wedding Album
JanD2012: Untitled
JanD2012: untitled
JanD2012: Banana coming
JanD2012: Ouch
JanD2012: Embankment
JanD2012: Tate Modern
JanD2012: China Town
JanD2012: Chop House
JanD2012: Escalator
JanD2012: Call to arms
JanD2012: Seven Dials
JanD2012: London Underground
JanD2012: Multi-tasking
JanD2012: S&R 106 - #05
JanD2012: King's Cross Lights
JanD2012: Dolphin tail
JanD2012: Over Streatham
JanD2012: Fig leaves
JanD2012: Coffee shop
JanD2012: Broken
JanD2012: Smoking is bad for you
JanD2012: Handy seats
JanD2012: At the National Gallery
JanD2012: Catching raindrops
JanD2012: Fishing net
JanD2012: Bowled out by spuds
JanD2012: Broken glass
JanD2012: Boots
JanD2012: Outside Cafe de Paris