JanD2012: Untitled B
JanD2012: Enjoying the rain
JanD2012: Rainy
JanD2012: Pink shoes
JanD2012: Beige cap
JanD2012: Fast food
JanD2012: Yetis and dog
JanD2012: Jester
JanD2012: Caught by a balloon
JanD2012: London taxi
JanD2012: Blossom
JanD2012: X-Ray
JanD2012: Rain, rain
JanD2012: Tiny kiosk
JanD2012: There's a 'p' in park
JanD2012: Winter
JanD2012: Abandoned play
JanD2012: Family behind glass screen
JanD2012: Taking a break
JanD2012: Shadows on red
JanD2012: Stilettos
JanD2012: Handy bench
JanD2012: Motel
JanD2012: Taxi
JanD2012: Peep holes
JanD2012: Separate spaces
JanD2012: Cucumber and pepper
JanD2012: Match preambles
JanD2012: Parliament Square