[-ChristiaN-]: MilkyWay Windmill
[-ChristiaN-]: Through my Eyes...
[-ChristiaN-]: M31 - Andromeda (3h)
[-ChristiaN-]: Photo by my son. 😀
[-ChristiaN-]: So many stars...
[-ChristiaN-]: Andromeda Galaxy (M31)
[-ChristiaN-]: Campanula
[-ChristiaN-]: Painted Lady (Distelfalter)
[-ChristiaN-]: Red Admiral
[-ChristiaN-]: North America Nebula and Pelican Nebula
[-ChristiaN-]: Reh auf Abwegen...
[-ChristiaN-]: awakening
[-ChristiaN-]: spikes to the sky
[-ChristiaN-]: winter morning
[-ChristiaN-]: 10sec sea
[-ChristiaN-]: blue boat
[-ChristiaN-]: Pinwheel Galaxy (M101)... update
[-ChristiaN-]: M42 Orion Nebula and Running Man Nebula
[-ChristiaN-]: Pleiades (M45) Star cluster
[-ChristiaN-]: Striking light
[-ChristiaN-]: Andromeda again... ;-)
[-ChristiaN-]: Shadows of the Night
[-ChristiaN-]: "Where there is light there is also shadow."
[-ChristiaN-]: Poser or Superhero ? Multicolor, HMM!
[-ChristiaN-]: summer morning
[-ChristiaN-]: Andromeda Galaxy, M31