Little_lurcher: Squirrel alert
Rich Mayer Photography: RubyThroatPink2ShMBsmaller (2)
Fouquier: Boerentoren
Monique J.: IMG_7231- oreston 50mm f 1,8 - - champi - offrande - web --
siriusdebbie: Stones and Sticks with a Star in the Sand at Sunset
Ian Livesey: Honestly - Tyson Fury
RhinoSkin: superior calm
London Less Travelled: Colourful Gospel Oak Roundel
Bob R.L. Evans: One of those days
Fouquier: Misconceivable (Erwin Wurm)
ursulamller900: Mushroom Stories 2021 #5
Tracey Rennie: Pater Familias
Peter O'Doherty (Dublin): Dublin at night
Feldore: One Way or Another
Sappho et amicae: First frost
Th.Duerr: HFF!
mikek666: cheltenham road bristol oct 2021
Mimi Serada: IMG_9657-001
Little_lurcher: Autumn stillness Tiny Toy, Tossed By Tides
London Less Travelled: Front Garden, Braidwood Road, Catford
jillyspoon: Dipper
RhinoSkin: le roi