Mariann Nikolaisen: the very same day
Mariann Nikolaisen: easy livin
Mariann Nikolaisen: the still untold stories
She Shores: Late summer...
warmianaturalnie: Autumn puddle
gerainte1: Birch Gothic 2
Bo Dudas: Cowboy
Bo Dudas: black and white
Bo Dudas: contrast edge
Bo Dudas: sunflower
Jane Brown~: shadows - old town
bratli: Daddy long legs
talourcera: sapore di sale
babs pix: a favourite bookshop
She Shores: Late Summer... Bees in the sedum, flora and fauna
helena_bezecna: At the station
marylee.agnew: Sweet Kaboodle
She Shores: Later summer
Ian Livesey: WCAS - And I would squeeze here
Ian Livesey: WCAS - Chicken Legs Legs Chicken
Ian Livesey: WCAS - Mmmmm feathery
Ian Livesey: WCAS - Jersey