Timmy_L: Sweep
Timmy_L: Online
Timmy_L: The late train
Timmy_L: Malmö University
Timmy_L: Layered buildings
Timmy_L: Durham Cathedral
Timmy_L: Durham cathedral
Timmy_L: Church of the Savior on spilled blood
Timmy_L: National library of Finland, top floor
Timmy_L: National library of Finland
Timmy_L: Antwerpen central station
Timmy_L: Antwerpen central station hall
Timmy_L: Markethall Rotterdam
Timmy_L: Öresund tunnel
Timmy_L: Triangular staircase
Timmy_L: Church Symmetry
Timmy_L: Concentration
Timmy_L: Boxed in
Timmy_L: Commuters
Timmy_L: Welcoming glow.....
Timmy_L: Are you really leaving now????
Timmy_L: Hallway
Timmy_L: Train station depth
Timmy_L: Station entrance
Timmy_L: Malmö C 7-11
Timmy_L: Malmö Central
Timmy_L: Busy skies
Timmy_L: Old tech vs new
Timmy_L: Sunset silhouette
Timmy_L: Foggy office