Timmy_L: Helligkildens way
Timmy_L: At sea
Timmy_L: Postcard from Österlen
Timmy_L: Veteran railroad
Timmy_L: Who are you?
Timmy_L: Evening sunset, marked with a X
Timmy_L: Öresund bridge from above
Timmy_L: Copenhagen central station tracks
Timmy_L: Copenhagen Central station entrance
Timmy_L: Hats on, almost all
Timmy_L: Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Timmy_L: Copenhagen Central station
Timmy_L: Lonely waiting time
Timmy_L: Old part of Malmö Station
Timmy_L: It's a long long way....
Timmy_L: Harley rider
Timmy_L: Harley biker
Timmy_L: Harley Davidson Softail Army
Timmy_L: Sunset at Ale stenar
Timmy_L: The Grid
Timmy_L: Wind power
Timmy_L: Summer night
Timmy_L: Bridge watching
Timmy_L: Öresund bridge
Timmy_L: Green forest
Timmy_L: SAAB SK60
Timmy_L: Forest star
Timmy_L: St Olof in spring
Timmy_L: Chevy pickup front
Timmy_L: Chevy pickup