Lee Harland: Christina
Focale Photography: 20201212_131006_FB
C Rankin: OBS 10 Final (1 of 1)
Justin Bonaparte: Victoria - Shine On
sniggie: United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Coming
reinaroundtheglobe: Galleria, Naples
keulefm3: Miri´s wonderful smile
Alaskan Dude: Classic beauty
Alaskan Dude: This shoot wasn't bad at all!
keulefm3: a beautiful couch....
Roan ℉✿urie [on and off]: First few Test Shots 50mm f/1.8
Roan ℉✿urie [on and off]: Happy New Year 2021
Willie Kers: Make it a december to rembember
Klaus Ficker -- Thank you for 10M views: Dale Hollow Lake State Park
Carlos Velayos: Pintura y agua. Verde hierba, ojos verdes. El viento jugando en tu pelo...
Bruce M Walker: Reclined
Focale Photography: 20200831_100725_FB
Mengzhonghua: Canadian Rockies Dawn
juergenberlin: Olga Maria Veide
HarQ Photography: Autumn colors, portrait of beautiful lady.
Jack Metthey: Parkside