visible-spectrum: Employees Only
visible-spectrum: The Photographer and Musician Peter Schultz
visible-spectrum: Down Broadway
visible-spectrum: Off shore
visible-spectrum: Light pool
visible-spectrum: Dark mirror
visible-spectrum: Leaves leaving
visible-spectrum: Evening in October
visible-spectrum: Special effect
visible-spectrum: Fall colors
visible-spectrum: Shadow Gallery
visible-spectrum: Sterling Ridge
visible-spectrum: Seventh Street, Brooklyn
visible-spectrum: Picturing the picture-taker
visible-spectrum: Cloud formation
visible-spectrum: Littera scripta manet
visible-spectrum: Discussion Group
visible-spectrum: Aging Gracefully
visible-spectrum: Western sky at dawn
visible-spectrum: 1984 Paramount
visible-spectrum: Shady ladies
visible-spectrum: Rural road
visible-spectrum: Sunday Market In Copley Square, Boston
visible-spectrum: Afternoon nap
visible-spectrum: A philosopher's stone