Adam_Walters: Dunnock in the rain
Adam_Walters: Happily munching away
Adam_Walters: Look up at the stars and not down at your feet
Adam_Walters: Dunlin in a burning sea
Adam_Walters: Tawny Owlet
Adam_Walters: Newly hatched Broad Bodied Chaser (Libellula depressa)
Adam_Walters: A dunlin in a sea of sunset
Adam_Walters: Water Vole
Adam_Walters: New Dawn
Adam_Walters: Air breaks on! - Take 2
Adam_Walters: Autumn Mornings
Adam_Walters: Starry Seas
Adam_Walters: The Dive
Adam_Walters: The King
Adam_Walters: Autumn at Elan Valley
Adam_Walters: Green finch - Air brakes on!
Adam_Walters: Storm Brian
Adam_Walters: Where the ocean meets the sky- Commended
Adam_Walters: A Sandwich on the beach
Adam_Walters: A touch of Nature
Adam_Walters: Star gazing
Adam_Walters: Golden Beacons
Adam_Walters: Beautiful Blues
Adam_Walters: Bugs Life
Adam_Walters: Spiky hairstyle
Adam_Walters: Another Beakful
Adam_Walters: Loosing yourself
Adam_Walters: Puffin Poser
Adam_Walters: Dragons!
Adam_Walters: Lens Flare Sunset