Phil's Pixels: Athabasca River Beauty
Phil's Pixels: Hello Summer
Jerzy Orzechowski: Dry environment
Freshairphotography by Janis Morrison: Hole in the Wall, Port Alberni
Freshairphotography by Janis Morrison: Sherwood Falls, Rogers Creek, Port Alberni, BC
John Andersen (JPAndersen images): Final bolt of lightning over Canola 5
Gary Randall: Avalanche Creek
Gary Randall: Quarantine Springs
Gary Randall: Quarantine Springs Pt III
Gary Randall: Alvord Dessert
John Andersen (JPAndersen images): Jumping Pound Sunset
Christoph Fischer: The Beauty in Simplicity - Useful tips for creating clean, powerful images.
John Andersen (JPAndersen images): Mount Rundle-Milky Way looking South
Jerzy Orzechowski: Suntanning
John Andersen (JPAndersen images): Spillway 15mm-Milky Way
Andrea Moscato: Preikestolen - The Pulpit Rock (Norway)
John Andersen (JPAndersen images): Mount Lougheed Wind Tower edit
Jerzy Orzechowski: Glowing gates
Phil's Pixels: Rosy Lenticular Cloud
Jerzy Orzechowski: Dunes of gold
Phil's Pixels: Grand Tetons
Gary Randall: Quarantine Springs Pt II