G · RTM: Countach III, Wolfsburg, 20210916
G · RTM: L'Oceanogràfic's Ártico II, Valencia, 20210912
Jon Dev: Peace Bridge and northwest downtown Calgary
G · RTM: Fade Away, Rotterdam, 20211103
@pigstagram: 20211021-L1005745 copy
SammCox: Wall with Door & Shadows
Just Back: Lagenaria siceraria, staminate flower
Theen ...: Weedy Tree
annsofic: Street dolls
Just Back: Foggy morning at the Horseshoe, USC
jezqio: _DZ65913-Edit-copy.jpg
jezqio: _G003494-Edit-copy.jpg
jezqio: R1-00617-0021.jpg
Jon Dev: Autumn leaves (2021) - #3
cnmark: Munich - Allianz Arena
andrbk: Rhône glacier [explored]
Stabstitch: abstracting #107
spoualb: Lluvia (Minolta SRT 101 IMG_20210829_0024)
Jon Dev: Signal lights and signs at a train station
Marisa Bosqued: Total comfort
Marisa Bosqued: Like tender lovers (Explore May 21, 2021)
kinoin: Summer bricks
kinoin: Forgotten lights and 88
Web-Betty: Along the river
R ick: Cream Puffs
R ick: Cooling Pool
R ick: Equipment Failure
R ick: Red, White and Blue