Maria-H: Aerial Ballet
Maria-H: Junior's flapping lessons seem to be going well...
Maria-H: Anyone fancy a Sand eel?
Maria-H: Is it lunchtime yet?
Maria-H: Puffin Portrait
Maria-H: Arctic Tern
Maria-H: Standby for touchdown...
Maria-H: Large Skipper (2)
Maria-H: Catch of the Day (2)
Maria-H: Lyme Hall panorama
Maria-H: Large Skipper
Maria-H: Damselfly
Maria-H: Catch of the Day
Maria-H: Two of the Dunham Four
Maria-H: Poppy (2)
Maria-H: Class of '18
Maria-H: Happy Families
Maria-H: Male Banded Demoiselle
Maria-H: Female Banded Demoiselle
Maria-H: Poppy
Maria-H: Painted Lady
Maria-H: Astrantia
Maria-H: The love train...
Maria-H: Lyme Hall across the rhododendrons.
Maria-H: Summer loving
Maria-H: Lyme Hall
Maria-H: Broad-bodied Chaser
Maria-H: Bugsworth Canal Basin
Maria-H: Toddbrook Reservoir
Maria-H: Threesome