Maria-H: Female Stonechat
Maria-H: Jenny Wren
Maria-H: The sound of spring
Maria-H: Pterodactyl fly past?
Maria-H: Branching out
Maria-H: Return of the Herons
Maria-H: The Langdale Pikes in Autumn
Maria-H: Carl Wark and Higger Tor
Maria-H: Higger Tor
Maria-H: View from Higger Tor
Maria-H: Road Block
Maria-H: Welcoming Doorway
Maria-H: Homes near the hills
Maria-H: View from Brownhill
Maria-H: View from Derbyshire Level
Maria-H: Beware of the Chickens
Maria-H: Chicken in the churchyard
Maria-H: Here's looking at you...
Maria-H: Robin
Maria-H: Thrush
Maria-H: Male Kestrel
Maria-H: Which way next?
Maria-H: Which way next?
Maria-H: Mossy Lea
Maria-H: Bleaklow View (2)
Maria-H: Bleaklow View (1)
Maria-H: Above the snow line
Maria-H: Shire Hill - again
Maria-H: Heather burning
Maria-H: Old Glossop Cottages