kodiak_15650: Assignment: Use a Predominate Color "Spiderweb on Green"
charlesgyoung: Nave ceiling
charlesgyoung: a perfect spiral
charlesgyoung: The stair
kodiak_15650: Assignment; Architecture - Atrium Curves
Ralph Earlandson: Spirit of the Far North
Miseanseo: Oops! Greece
kodiak_15650: Assignment: Taillights "Ford GT"
Ralph Earlandson: Today's Catch
Ralph Earlandson: A Narrow Canyon
kodiak_15650: Assignment - Familiar Locations #3
kodiak_15650: Assignment: Something in your home - "Time will Tell"
charlesgyoung: knob and wire
Miseanseo: Assignment Rain - "Raining 2"
charlesgyoung: road rain
Ralph Earlandson: A Wonderful Life
cantilena91: Nature's Hand
cantilena91: Instant Super Food!
kodiak_15650: Assignment: Transportation - "Low Tide"
charlesgyoung: under the viaduct
kodiak_15650: Assignment: Repeating Patterns - "Bryce Canyon Hoodoos""
Ralph Earlandson: Erosion Abstract
charlesgyoung: curiosity
charlesgyoung: flooded woods in snowfall - EXPLORE
kodiak_15650: Free Night "Easter Extravaganza"
Ralph Earlandson: Mesa Arch
Ralph Earlandson: Coming Out of Darkness
Ralph Earlandson: A Touch of Fall
Ralph Earlandson: Bristlecone
charlesgyoung: fish head soup