cantilena91: Once upon a time there were the frosty tree and the Sun...
cantilena91: "I might be small but if you play with me I will give out more than a handful of tunes!"
cantilena91: Neanthe bella/Parlour palm (Chamaedorea elegans) florets
cantilena91: Gotcha!
cantilena91: When the evening falls...
cantilena91: Snow flurry!
cantilena91: Silhouette sunshine!
cantilena91: Amazing Azalea (flash on)!
cantilena91: Heavenly hyacinth (no flash)!
cantilena91: Happy 2022 from all of us in Winter Forest!
cantilena91: Brilliant & bright start for 2022!
cantilena91: White wipeout for 2021!
cantilena91: Boxing Day brightness!
cantilena91: Amazing azalea (flash off)
cantilena91: Even more urban uniqueness!
cantilena91: Happy Holidays from the forest elves!
cantilena91: Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas from all of us at Elfhouse!
cantilena91: Awakening sun welcoming Winter Solstice II
cantilena91: Awakening sun welcoming Winter Solstice
cantilena91: Holiday hexagon - glorious geometry!
cantilena91: "To eat or not to eat -that's the question..."
cantilena91: Red, gold... -but not green (well, at least not this time)!
cantilena91: Blue moment/Sininen hetki
cantilena91: Blue sky, white snow...
cantilena91: Happy Independence Day, Finland!
cantilena91: More urban uniqueness!
cantilena91: Urban uniqueness!
cantilena91: Let the sleighing fun begin!
cantilena91: Time to get back to work after breakfast, Taito the Elf!
cantilena91: Sunday sun reaching its zenith...