Richard M. Glover: 110919_1845
Richard M. Glover: Maple leaves, Columbia, SC
Richard M. Glover: America under stormy skies, Columbia, SC
Richard M. Glover: Drying clothes, the Brytweet, Gilbert, SC
aliceA321: Wind.
aliceA321: A forest of good spirits.
aliceA321: The ladder.
aliceA321: Do the ICM shake.
aliceA321: Follow me.
aliceA321: Waiting.
aliceA321: The planet of sound.
aliceA321: Enjoy the silence.
aliceA321: Sounds.
aliceA321: Kiss of life.
aliceA321: Waiting for the night.
aliceA321: Autumn.
aliceA321: You dazzle me…
aliceA321: I’ll be your mirror…
aliceA321: Deep blue cold day.
aliceA321: ….it smiles at me…
aliceA321: Blue light of the morning, tell me a fairy tale✨
aliceA321: Calling dreams…
aliceA321: …melt your cold cold heart.
aliceA321: Walk my way…
aliceA321: I feel like I exist for love…
aliceA321: …when I forget that I can fly…
aliceA321: I’m falling deeper and deeper 🌿🌾🌼
aliceA321: …as the scent of white flowers…
aliceA321: Blue bloom 💙
ojoanne77: Standing tall 🌳