stephen2pham: Admiration
stephen2pham: Blue Hour in Singapore Marina
stephen2pham: Lotus Pond
stephen2pham: Last Ray of Sun Light
stephen2pham: Tough Mudders
stephen2pham: Palace and Reflection Pool (Explored 30 Nov 2022)
stephen2pham: The Reverie Saigon Hotel
stephen2pham: Halong Bay viewed from the Genesis Regal Cruise
stephen2pham: Boat Rowing Ladies
stephen2pham: A rainy afternoon in Hang Mua
stephen2pham: Light and Shadow
stephen2pham: Lotus Petal
stephen2pham: Lotus in the Rain
stephen2pham: Lotus Fountain
stephen2pham: What's for Dinner?
stephen2pham: Sunset over Cordoba (Explored - 14 Nov 2022)
stephen2pham: The circular patio
stephen2pham: Sunrise over the Marina Bay
stephen2pham: This Old House
stephen2pham: Blue hour over Marienplatz
stephen2pham: Gone Fishing
stephen2pham: An art admirer
stephen2pham: Oregon Coast
stephen2pham: Feeling Blue
stephen2pham: Reflection
stephen2pham: Here Comes the Tourists
stephen2pham: A Lonely Guard
stephen2pham: First Light
stephen2pham: Man in a Balcony (Explored 29 October 2022)
stephen2pham: In the Stillness of the Morning