Gur Natty: _NAT1310
Sandy McGrattan: Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and Gateshead Millennium Bridge
Charles McNeal: At the Airport in the rain…
Jim Moyers: Bald Eagles
Jim Moyers: Bald Eagle
OnceNewAtthis: Love is in the air when Spring arrives
Risback: Danger: photographer at home!
Risback: What do you see?
Risback: Double exposure test 1
Risback: Double Expo & Noir
Risback: Colorful monday
mstraus52: Picton Marina
mstraus52: King Shag
mstraus52: Spotted Shag
mstraus52: Pied Shag
Kengo Wakui: Bay Bridge
Kengo Wakui: Mt. Fuji research station
Kengo Wakui: While in Yokohama
Kengo Wakui: Shadows on water
jolajagielska86: DSC_4505 (2)
Abhay Parvate: Myōnichikan --- The chambers of tomorrow
Antonio Godinho: Armée de l'Air Régiment de Chasse 02/030 Normandie Niémen 80 ans Rafale C
FlairHill Photography: Brick lane Beauty
david__barkman: Treetops
michaelpope498: 400kv Pylon