Devill Photography: Barred Owl
Simon Stobart: Barn Owl
Pedro Sánchez ( limicolero ): El baile / The dance
michafink: Primaballerina
Ron Buening: Merlins are Magical
petertamas97: Black-and-white Warbler_L6A1541
E_Rick1502: Hermit Warbler
laurie.mccarty: 850_6425 Brown Thrasher
rumerbob: Blue Grosbeak.
petertamas97: Canada Warbler _L6A3916
seanwalsh4: Rocking Robin (Explore #28)
Roter Steve: Baltimore Oriole.
Diggerthedog99: Calm waters (IN EXPLORE)
ThorpeMarshman: White-booted Racket-tail (Ocreatus underwoodii)
Becky Matsubara: Orange-crowned Warbler
christensenbruce320: Blue Winged Warbler. New Jersey
uluqui: La flèche bleue s'envole
Collins93: HCR32703-Edit
Shelley O'Connell: P9154217 copy
Jim Cumming: Northern Parula with insect (Explored) Red-footed falcon
Origma: Gannet, Australasian (Morus serrator)
Claudette Archambault: Vacher à Tête brune, Brown-headed Cowbird
ken.helal: Osprey Coming Off the Lake. The Lily Pad is Obstructing Its Catch.
Naturfotografie Simon Edel: Wiedehopf / Eurasian hoopoe / Upupa epops