Invader1009: Growing under the ramparts!
Thoroughly Amateur.: 47841 Norwich.
Welsh Gold: Dull, Dreary, Dank & Dismal
70001 "PowerHaul": 70007 4O49 Bramley
Mark Gowing: A friendly wave
Thoroughly Amateur.: Rolling Into Leyland.
Mark Gowing: Evening on the Marches
70001 "PowerHaul": 91110 1D19 Knebworth
Russ84G: 66082 Kempseye
Gavin P B: Finally making the cut
1Z13 Studios: In for support
1Z13 Studios: Western Veg
1Z13 Studios: The one way Wizzo
A J transport: 68018 @ Inshes
A J transport: 20305 @ Bury
Thoroughly Amateur.: Barmouth Harbour.
Mark Gowing: Just Admiring the View
1Z13 Studios: Going on a Rail Adventure
A J transport: 73671+73964 @ Spondon
A J transport: 43468+43480 @ Keighley
Thoroughly Amateur.: Royal Windsor Statesman.
the.chair: A great livery for these machines imo.....58049 Littleton Colliery Didcot PS-Toton Washwood Heath 24-06-1987
Welsh Gold: A Touch of Class 37
chrisbe71: 97304_302_Gogarth_04_04_24
1Z13 Studios: Pan's Down
A J transport: D213 (40013) @ Dalmagarry
spurs352002: Leicester MPD 8/4/24
John Eyres: 97301 Hooton 23rd June 2014
spurs352002: Leicester MPD 8/4/24
Simon C-S: 66704 + 66716 - Findern, Derbyshire