robmcrorie: 66763 over Stock Beck Viaduct
robmcrorie: Path on the main for 66434
robmcrorie: 70814 below Wild Boar Fell
robmcrorie: 66434 passing Blea Moor signal box
robmcrorie: 153363 approaching Blea Moor
robmcrorie: 57601 near Lea Marston
robmcrorie: 66763 appraoching Settle Junction
robmcrorie: 66044 passing Ribblehead Station
robmcrorie: 66434 at Ais Gill
robmcrorie: Climbing away from Eden
robmcrorie: 66763 comes up the grade at Gauber
robmcrorie: Steam slogging up the grade at Ribblehead
robmcrorie: 'Alberta' over Ribblehead
robmcrorie: Just a glimpse
robmcrorie: 70801 at Blea Moor
robmcrorie: 66044 at Helwith Bridge
robmcrorie: 43152 eases into Dundee
robmcrorie: 43183 near Gleneagles
robmcrorie: 567605 pushing to Rue
robmcrorie: 567614 near Rue
robmcrorie: 567497 north from Rue
robmcrorie: 156918 at Crewe
robmcrorie: 153357 at Manchester Piccadilly
robmcrorie: The Ciara Crompton - 33207 at Nuneaton
robmcrorie: 33207 at Nuneaton
robmcrorie: E3137 at Atherstone
robmcrorie: 66120 at East Midlands Gateway
robmcrorie: 37608 & 345018 crossing the Trent
robmcrorie: 66601 at Sawley
robmcrorie: 43187 and 43122 crossing the Tame at Lea Marston