robmcrorie: Approaching Lunds
robmcrorie: 70810 on the run into Lichfield
robmcrorie: 43251 at Normanton
robmcrorie: 43029 at Lea Marston
robmcrorie: 70001 near Armitage
robmcrorie: 9714 leads towards Lea Marston
robmcrorie: Mellow yellows at Cardiff Queen Street, and 142073
robmcrorie: 143025 at Cardiff Queen Street
robmcrorie: 86613 and 86632 near Armitage
robmcrorie: 70001 at Comberford
robmcrorie: Mail Train out of Tamworth
robmcrorie: 43320 at Normanton on Soar
robmcrorie: 37601 at Normanton on Soar
robmcrorie: 70803 passing Loughborough Brush
robmcrorie: Rugeley Power Station
robmcrorie: 66778 on Ribblehead Viaduct
robmcrorie: 66778 waiting for the road
robmcrorie: 37612 approaching Lea Marston
robmcrorie: 47815 and power cars at Lea Marston
robmcrorie: 66524 between Armitage and Rugeley
robmcrorie: 70810 running into Lichfield
robmcrorie: 66617 approaching Kingsbury Junction
robmcrorie: 60019 at Croxall
robmcrorie: Mail approaching Comberford
robmcrorie: 86608 and 86609 at Comberford
robmcrorie: 47815 at Wichnor
robmcrorie: 66747 passing the works
robmcrorie: Approaching Hessle
robmcrorie: 47712 under Ingleborough
robmcrorie: End of the day, 47712 at Settle