robmcrorie: Ruskin salt and pepper
robmcrorie: Ruskin crystalline glaze
robmcrorie: Ruskin glazes for lustre
robmcrorie: Both 45 late at Kingsbury
robmcrorie: 66555 shooting past Kingsbury Rifle Range
robmcrorie: 37884 at Dosthill
robmcrorie: Worksop Up Yard panorama
robmcrorie: 50049 at Toton
robmcrorie: 37800 at Kingsbury Junction
robmcrorie: 70809 near Daw Mill
robmcrorie: As advertised
robmcrorie: 37716 at Lea Marston
robmcrorie: 66085 at Lea Marston
robmcrorie: Cement meets cement at Landor Street Junction
robmcrorie: Lea Marston Power cars
robmcrorie: 60019 at Smethwick
robmcrorie: 66601 at Washwood Heath
robmcrorie: 47715, 50049 and 50007 at Worksop
robmcrorie: Worksop Down Yard
robmcrorie: 50049 at Worksop Up Yard
robmcrorie: 50049 and 50007 at Toton
robmcrorie: 37884 and 57312 at Bennerley Viaduct
robmcrorie: 37800 at Kingsbury
robmcrorie: 66781 at Barnby Dun
robmcrorie: 60046 passing Whittington Lane, Atherstone
robmcrorie: Northern Belle at Lea Marston
robmcrorie: 56094 at Lea Marston
robmcrorie: 90041 at Grendon
robmcrorie: 70805 at Washwood Heath
robmcrorie: 66101 under the really closed bridge