dsonie: Camarades !
John David Hutchison: Eurasian Widgeon ( Drake )
odogy: A re-edit of one of my favorite shots
odogy: Afternoon walk
odogy: Afternoon walk
carla4646: Taking life one inch at a time!
carla4646: Can’t wait to see what emerges!
carla4646: Watching you watching me!
carla4646: Very beautiful and very large!
dsonie: Dégustation
ROK photography: Porch to St Giles Church, Newington
odogy: Not bad giving I was only on a reserve
Tim Gardner pics: small copper
spennells pensioner: Death of a toadstool
odogy: Female marsh harrier
ROK photography: Cotswold stone
Mike Thornton 15: Arge pagana (Rose Sawfly) 4408
carla4646: Kitty love!
dsonie: Avarie
ROK photography: Happy cloud
PhotosbyAngieD: Heriades Megachile?
dsonie: Quand la mer monte...
spennells pensioner: Scorpion Fly
dsonie: 007
carla4646: Out of nowhere!
Mike Thornton 15: Derbyshire Dales at Sunset 4043
PhotosbyAngieD: Sweet Little Agapostemon
Mike Thornton 15: Magpie Mine at Sunset 4037
dsonie: Nuances