George Nevrela: Dry trunk on beach b&w
Ralf Markert: Herbstimpression
qualistat: Cuba Car Race
name nessuno: My soul goes where it wants, let her do it...
A.Reef (slow): Ebb Paths
crispin52: Poppies and daisies romance....
Tonton Gilles: Shot like Saul Leiter ! / Les parapluies de Leiter
Frans van Hoogstraten: Abide with me
Anna Kwa: Now You Belong To Heaven
Gérard Mantord: Chateau de Val High water
Acobil: Summer breeze
Bruno-photos2013: Un rêve de Loire
katharina_amari: Grand Marée St. Malo 10/2019
jellyfire: Numbers
May-margy: F-3S0A3895-2021-11-14-Canon EOS R5-Canon EF RF Mount Adapter-Tamron 28-300mm-May Lee 廖藹淳
Bambou67: Anywhere out of the world
annemcgr: SEAGULL STUDY 117
Bernd Schunack: Let Me Guide You Off to Dreamland
akh1981: growth
Matt Osborne (aka. MrLeica.Com): Leica R6 (Crop Edit)
Jens Taube: Cherry Pie
Ann and Chris: Barn Owl in sunset