.KiLTRo.: Hablad por mis palabras y mi sangre
.KiLTRo.: Alturas de Machu Picchu
.KiLTRo.: Hear the sound of the faces in the crowd
.KiLTRo.: The dust settles on my skin
.KiLTRo.: Aeroplane, do I mean what I mean?
.KiLTRo.: Forward dream
.KiLTRo.: Seduced by the noise and the bright things that glisten
.KiLTRo.: (Un día más)
.KiLTRo.: Feel like crying
.KiLTRo.: How shall I fill the final places?
.KiLTRo.: Stone after stone
.KiLTRo.: And as I rise above
.KiLTRo.: Creatures shaped this planet's soil
.KiLTRo.: The result of a secret love affair
.KiLTRo.: And the leaves fall from red to brown
.KiLTRo.: You're free until you drop
.KiLTRo.: Here we are with our running and confusion
.KiLTRo.: Rise up out of nowhere
.KiLTRo.: Picking up this heat
.KiLTRo.: Desordené átomos tuyos para hacerte aparecer
.KiLTRo.: Fluir sin un fin
.KiLTRo.: Give me steam
.KiLTRo.: Tune Blues
.KiLTRo.: Destiny, destiny protect me from the world
.KiLTRo.: Been thinking about you, your records are here
.KiLTRo.: And it all seems so absurd to be flying like a bird
.KiLTRo.: E leggero il mio pensiero vola e va
.KiLTRo.: Got to get beside you 'cause it's really hot out here
.KiLTRo.: And the lamb lies down on B...