stevenbulman44: Hanging Out
Ted Holm Photography: As the sun dips below the horizon, the ocean's canvas is painted with the ethereal hues of sunset, marking the close of a flawless day.
stevenbulman44: The Protectors
clay townsend: Space Travel
clay townsend: Alabama Hills
clay townsend: Ruggedness
clay townsend: Show Me the Light
Tim&Elisa: Gibson Beach
Tim&Elisa: Rainbow near Tom and Eva Lookout
GFey: Carving
Jeff Sullivan ( Milky Way Arch Over Lake Manly
Serge Sadov: El Capitan sunset
Serge Sadov: Rising moon over San Francisco (explore)
Serge Sadov: Forest Cathedral
lisa nixon: Panther Creek Falls
Renee's Moment: Dream (EXPLORED)
scott5024: Evening Run
KC Mike Day: I Keep Hoping for a New Day
msjk1171: Baily's Beads 1
msjk1171: Diamond Ring 2
doug0013: Partial Solar Eclipse Sequence, 4/8/24
Harald Philipp: Velvia Sunset - In Explore (FM3A, Velvia)
Petr Sýkora: Mysterious ends
Enzo RETTELER: Orage de retour d'est, Estérel, 10 avril 2024
Ted Holm Photography: Beneath the hues of the sunset, an oak tree stands sentinel by the tranquil embrace of the lake's shimmering waters.
scott5024: Forest Floor
Mandira2007: Gold in the Water
hoanghoabg: Sunset on the river 🌅