Northern_Nights: Red Hills Camp Ground (late day)
Northern_Nights: Red Hills Camp Ground
Northern_Nights: Beauty of the Aurora Corona
Northern_Nights: Morning Warning
Northern_Nights: Great Aurora Storm (Fujifilm X-T5)
Northern_Nights: Aurora & Me
Northern_Nights: Aurora (GoPro 11 Prespective)
Northern_Nights: Red Corora (Explored)
Northern_Nights: Red Corora
Northern_Nights: Giant Sunspot Group
Northern_Nights: Brief Fire Sky
Northern_Nights: Cloudscape
Northern_Nights: Inverted Trough Passage_TL
Northern_Nights: Backyard Lennie
Northern_Nights: Flaming Iridescence
Northern_Nights: I prefer leather
Northern_Nights: Hunter the sleepy Border Collie
Northern_Nights: 1 sec = 10 mins
Northern_Nights: Late Day Lenticular Clouds
Northern_Nights: Wave Cloud
Northern_Nights: Isolated Storm_TL
Northern_Nights: New Fujifilm X-T5
Northern_Nights: Eufy S340
Northern_Nights: Slow Buildups
Northern_Nights: At McDonald Observatory (Explored)
Northern_Nights: Sunspots: 4.22.24
Northern_Nights: Atop McDonald Observatory
Northern_Nights: Alpine, TX
Northern_Nights: Presidio County, TX Courthouse