Northern_Nights: Lenticular over Catalina Mountains
Northern_Nights: Cloudscape: Cloudy Sunday
Northern_Nights: Cloudscape: Cirrus Uncinus
Northern_Nights: A "Desert" Horse with No Name
Northern_Nights: Moody Catalina Mountains at Sunset
Northern_Nights: Stacked_17 Fire Sky
Northern_Nights: Last Autumn Colors_Rev
Northern_Nights: Rain coming soon
Northern_Nights: High Sky Sunset_TL
Northern_Nights: Catalina Mountains with Snow
Northern_Nights: High Fire Skies Continues
Northern_Nights: Warm Sunrise (Explored)
Northern_Nights: Black-throated Sparrow
Northern_Nights: Moody Fire Sunset
Northern_Nights: Fire Sky Sunset
Northern_Nights: Fire Sunset
Northern_Nights: Unusual Contrail(s)?
Northern_Nights: Full 22 degree Moon Halo
Northern_Nights: Some Fire
Northern_Nights: Border Collie
Northern_Nights: Cirrus Sunset_TL
Northern_Nights: Snowmelt - Part 2
Northern_Nights: Stacked_17
Northern_Nights: FireSky before Snowstorm
Northern_Nights: Snow Melt_TL (Part 1)
Northern_Nights: Isolated Sundog
Northern_Nights: Partial 22 deg Halo
Northern_Nights: Relax by Snowflake
Northern_Nights: Contrail with its shadow
Northern_Nights: 1st Fire in a while (Explored)