Christoph Fischer: The Beauty in Simplicity - Useful tips for creating clean, powerful images.
mmostrowski: Carnivorous
mmostrowski: Road block
stephane400: Teide volcano, 3718m, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Fred Roe: Seeking sap
KaAuenwasser: Tränendes Herz
Tomastro38: Galaxie de l'Aiguille
Christoph Fischer: How I got the shot: Useful tips for capturing beautiful images.
Lens and Shutter: Viewing from the distant the Hallstatt village.
G_Albrecht: Nutriafamilie
stephane400: El Urro del Manzano, Cantabria coast, Liencres, Spain
stephane400: Chenonçeau castle, Loire Castles, France
claudedelrieu21: au bord de l eau
KaAuenwasser: Magnolien Knospe
mmostrowski: Shrike
claudedelrieu21: le jour se léve
Daniel.35690: Hugo, entre la Vague et le Photographe . . .
mmostrowski: Elephants in Aberdare National Park, Kenya
KaAuenwasser: Im Sonnenlicht
mmostrowski: IMG_3034 - Version 2
Bad Kicker: Blue Heron
Lens and Shutter: A boat leaving the majestic wharf in Skradin, Croatia.
jeffery.hudson10: Lonely Tree at Utah Lake, USA
Nick Chilton_Birds&Wildlife: You Looking At Me?!
mmmyoso: Library of Celsus - Ephesus
mmmyoso: The Grand Canyon
flop84: DSCF3821
jutta.schirmboeck: farbenfroh
mmmyoso: Center of the World Sculpture - Jerusalem