Joseph Brimacombe: Full Moonrise - Jan 11 2020
Dominique Dierick: Moon with Earthshine, Venus and Neptune, Jan 28
Sarah and Simon Fisher: Waxing Crescent Moon and Venus
Andy Stones: Moon through cloud
Amazing Sky Photography: Comet and Clusters (Jan 25, 2020)
Salisbury Exile: Western Station Stone (Stone 93)
Alexandra's Astronomy: West Highland Free Press
Jaspal Chadha - London Astrophotography: Soul Nebula in Hydrogen alpha
JPWillinghan: Panstarrs-20200124_0214UT
frankastro: Barnard33-Megrez_72-ASI1600MCc_25x300s-20200121
Joseph Brimacombe: Full Moonrise - Oct 13, 2019
Shahrin Ahmad (ShahGazer): Moon 14 Jan 2020
Dominique Dierick: Gemini with the twin stars Castor and Pollux.
Joseph Brimacombe: Thor's Helmet: NGC 2359 Widefield Color - 2011
Joseph Brimacombe: Hidden Moon - Jan 10, 2020
frankastro: M42-80ED-ASI1600MCc_25x300s-12x30s-20200115
john.purvis: Venus 2020/01/15 78.3% illuminated IR
The Dark Side Observatory: Venus in the Western Sky
alastair.woodward: Starless Heart
Andy Stones: Lunar Halo
Alexandra's Astronomy: Penumbral eclipse 2020-01-10 19:10UTC
Gabriel Corban: Waves2 color3 border4
john.purvis: Selenography: Copernicus
frankastro: M81-82-80ED-ASI1600MCc_60x60s-20200104
Jo 0405: L'observatoire en début d'hiver
StephenGA: New Year's Even Waxing Crescent Moon.
Andy Stones: First cloud of the day
Shahrin Ahmad (ShahGazer): ASE2019 Crooked Eclipse Sunrise Part 2
frankastro: Rencontre Vénus-Lune_20191228-b
Alexandra's Astronomy: 2019-12-21 Analemma 2016-2019 version 2