Mikethompson1811: Barred owl
Mikethompson1811: You know its all good when the maple leaves hide your lady parts at photo time 🍁
Mikethompson1811: Mt st Helen's looks so inviting
Mikethompson1811: I spy with my little eye
Mikethompson1811: The queen of her domain
Mikethompson1811: Afternoon pigeon patrol for 5/Y she has young to feed
Mikethompson1811: Walking with the kids
Mikethompson1811: Night flight
Mikethompson1811: Juvenile bald eagle holding down the log deck
Mikethompson1811: Sadie appears happy about scotch broom season
Mikethompson1811: Fetching through flowers
Mikethompson1811: Cause its snuggle oclock
Mikethompson1811: Not an eagle
Mikethompson1811: The bunny bandit
Mikethompson1811: Easter 2019...stuffy holding
Mikethompson1811: Cacklers on the move
Mikethompson1811: Deflategate explained
Mikethompson1811: Imperfect symmetry
Mikethompson1811: Killdeer..... cause it stood still long enough for decent photo
Mikethompson1811: Sadie on a cold winter's day afield
Mikethompson1811: Sadie running natures obstacle course
Mikethompson1811: Sadie in real life.....always wet
Mikethompson1811: Missing those warm summer nights
Mikethompson1811: Just a Sadie silhouette in front of the heron tree
Mikethompson1811: Dog on a log
Mikethompson1811: A river runs beside her
Mikethompson1811: Two if by sea
Mikethompson1811: Columbia river adventures
Mikethompson1811: Nope.....not ready to go home