MelvinNicholsonPhotography: Sunrise at St Thomas Church, nr Skofja Loka, Slovenia
William Neill: Autumn Snowstorm, Yosemite National Park, California 2015__William Neill©William Neill
William Neill: Shrouded Cliffs, Yosemite National Park, California 2021
zoomleeuwtje: Galaxies
Ian C Sanderson: Enchanted *Explore*
vavan: Under My Feet - 3
Jarno Nurminen: To appreciate the beauty of winter it is necessary to stand out in the cold - Explore
HelBen85: Switzerland [EXPLORED]
Simon Caplan: Translucent #1
Tony Gill: New Year's Daybreak
ianperkins11: ORIGINS
Captain Nikon: Misty River Mood
Coless66: Frosty Friday
Mark Lindstrom: Reaching Out
paulzizka: Photo
Ade G: Calm before the Storm Ciara
Sandra OTR: Greenland - Summernight
Koveh Photography: Specter of Shadows
Horia Bogdan: Desert nature
Horia Bogdan: Misty river
baldwinm16: All That Glitters
Chris Bainbridge1: One in a million
les forrester: Forces of Nature No2
Amar Sood: Dagobah
Nigel Halliwell: Carhead Rocks