Bodhisotto: Snakes of Tadoba
Bodhisotto: Enroute Leh from Pangong Tso
Bodhisotto: The Indus River
Bodhisotto: Country road between shades of Orange!!!!
Bodhisotto: Pangong...A distant view..
Bodhisotto: The land of Maitryea Buddha..Diskit. Nubra Valley.
Bodhisotto: The Valley
Bodhisotto: Its play time...
Bodhisotto: The Ghost and the darkness!!!
Bodhisotto: Maitryea Buddha..Diskit Monastery
Bodhisotto: as the sun sets..
Bodhisotto: The endless..The unbound..the infinite!!
Bodhisotto: Game of courtesy..
Bodhisotto: Lamayuru - A distant view!!!
Bodhisotto: Its time to hunt!!!
Bodhisotto: All she wants is a little home..I wish I could give her something better...
Bodhisotto: A cloudy afternoon in Leh..
Bodhisotto: Here I am..This is me!!!
Bodhisotto: The Orchestra
Bodhisotto: Eye2Eye..
Bodhisotto: I see u!!!
Bodhisotto: United colors of Pangong Tso..
Bodhisotto: The Royal Yawn!!!!!
Bodhisotto: Introspection
Bodhisotto: Birds of Neemrana
Bodhisotto: Hungry???
Bodhisotto: Visitors of Diskit..
Bodhisotto: Guardian of Pangong Tso
Bodhisotto: Some reflections in life are better viewed upside down..
Bodhisotto: The lone Sailor of Pangong!!!