gicol: More
gicol: Faith, trust, and pixie dust
gicol: All we have
gicol: Deep in thoughts
gicol: Better than today
gicol: That position
gicol: Summer days
gicol: toward your target
gicol: When nobody's watching
gicol: this kind of blue
gicol: objective of life
gicol: Mekong
gicol: love colors
gicol: The future came and went
gicol: The truth of now
gicol: I don't understand
gicol: the beauty left around
gicol: Throw the thoughts off
gicol: Join the dance
gicol: Catching a glimpse
gicol: The artist's job
gicol: Fatal love
gicol: no fear of thorns
gicol: what we see
gicol: Parallel harmony
gicol: broken pattern
gicol: about glamour
gicol: Felicità
gicol: Rosemary for remembrance
gicol: Never safe